Seattle, WA by Artful Dodger. borders cut the recognizable Space Needle off.

As you read this, I am finally making my way up the West Coast to Seattle, the only other city I’ve wanted to live in other than Los Angeles. I’ve kept this plan under wraps for months now, even though it’s been twice as long that I’ve felt the need for a change. It’s time. Los Angeles will always be my home, but now’s the time for me to explore and be somewhere new.

Coffee, rain, and the Sound. 18 hour drives to and from Los Angeles, or a $59 flight from Jet Blue if I’m lucky. Ace Hotel is within city borders, an All Saints is still there, as is a Madewell, no Zara, but one in Vancouver 3 hours away and an Aritzia in a neighboring town. Yup, I definitely considered all those things.

And I’ll be blogging at my newest undertaking, La Sea. While Love Angeles is city-centric and defined me as an Angelena, La Sea will be more about creative exploration and what inspirations I hope to find there. And I hope you’ll join me there. Thank you sharing my love for Los Angeles.