Here’s a list made for my favorite meal – desserts! When I’d think of an idea for a list, I’d always wonder if I could possibly think of close to ten items for it, but I surprise myself and always do. Here are eight spots for your sweet tooth.

A few of my favorite macarons at Paulette, including Wedding Almond and Earl Grey

Paulette Macarons • 333 S Alameda Street Suite 103 •

Paulette is new to downtown, but not new to Los Angeles, and over the years of sampling various macaroons around the area, I’ve decided that these are my favorite. Finding out that they were opening a new location in Little Tokyo? Best news of the year.

Syrup Desserts • 611 S. Spring Street • On Yelp

Waffles, crepes, and Nutella at near midnight, oh no they didn’t! I personally like my desserts more simplified than what they offer, but you can make your own waffle and all that.

The chocolate souffle at Bottega Louie

Bottega Louie • 700 S. Grand Avenue •

If you’ve tried their chocolate souffle, then you will understand why BL makes an appearance on this list. They also have a whole section full of beautiful pastries and cookies. (I was a fan of their original macarons, especially when they were handing the broken ones out left and right, but they’ve since changed the recipe.)

Yogurtland • 130 S. Central Avenue •

Kind of a cop-out to include a franchise not exclusive to Downtown, but this is where we’d head to on office breaks, and sometimes, for meal replacements, during deadline days.

Japanese Tea Latte at Urth Caffe

Urth Caffe • 451 S. Hewitt Street •

Lattes and desserts are what I come here for, on an almost weekly basis. Blended boba drinks also!

Woori • 333 S. Alameda Street •

Some of my favorite cheap snacks come from here. I’ve been on a black sesame kick after trying Pocky’s version, which was sadly discontinued), so I was only too happy to find red bean mochi with black sesame sprinkled on top.


Babycakes • 130 E. 6th Street •

My cupcake tastes have changed over time, from formerly favoring red velvet to loving the more simplified Babycakes offerings. I also really like their cookie sandwiches and donuts. Don’t forget about Bingo Nights on Tuesdays!

Big Man Bakes • 413 S. Main Street •

I like that there are two equally delicious cupcake places holding it downtown, and Big Man is the other one. Comparing their cupcakes is like apples and oranges, and I’d alternate between both depending on what kind of cupcake I felt like. I love their Old School flavor.