Angel's Knoll from 500 Days of Summer

Angels Flight

Bradbury Building from 500 Days of Summer

Pershing Square

Ice Skating at Pershing Square

BF’s nieces and nephews have been in my life since the oldest one was but a tiny 4 year old who is now learning how to drive. I don’t have nieces and nephews of my own, so I love them as if they were. Over the weekend we honored our three-year-old tradition of taking them out for the day in lieu of material Christmas gifts. Somewhere usually out in L.A., outside of the suburban SGV that we all grew up in.

On the agenda this time: a downtown L.A. tour of all the sites from one of their favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer (which I posted about before), and ice skating at Pershing Square. In past years we’ve done the California ScienCenter and Griffith Observatory.

I’ve loved doing this every year, since you totally get upgraded to cool aunt/uncle status and it’s all they can talk about for weeks after. Time is such a beautiful gift. Visit if you need more kid-friendly ideas and events.