Downtown LA from Spring St. near the Cornfield. June 2010.

My days in Los Angeles are numbered. Its been a month since I shut down the studio and moved out of my apartment downtown. I am currently spending the holidays with family in suburban SGV, and in the new year I will be moving to a brand new city. Where to? It’s not a secret to some of you, but I will let you all know of my whereabouts as soon as they become finalized. And I still plan to blog about all my live-love-make-shop adventures there. Love Angeles will still around, mostly dormant, though I do have new ideas for the site even while I am no longer living here.

And yes I did just update with a new blog layout.

Love Angeles, 2nd edition

For the next couple of weeks, I thought I’d end my normal posting here with a final roundup of all my L.A. favorites and recommendations. I hope to do more holiday stuff in the month or so I’ve got left.

In the meantime, what Los Angeles adventures do you recommend I do in my final days as an Angelena?