Some real pictures, finally! Here are my favorite parts of the trip:

You can't tell, but both my top and cardigan have tiny hearts printed all over.

Grand Central Station

Transit, transit. I love watching people coming and going. We arrive at the station during rush hour, perfect timing.

Mayle Kamikaze Pop-Up Shop

Jane Mayle is one of my favorite designers. She closed up shop last year(?), so when IĀ got the email that she was resurrecting her beloved designs in a three-week pop-up while I was in NYC for the first time, it was like God smiling down on me.

Unfortunately (not for my wallet though) her clothes were, as usual, out of my price point, and not to my 100% love. I did like the blue patterned tie front blouse – see on Racked NY, 7th photo – and the leather ruffled shorts were fun, but if I were dropping that kind of money on a pair of leather shorts, it would probably be the paperbag waist ones from Rag & Bone, which is a silhouette I prefer.

It was still an honor to be at her shop, and in the presence of the designer herself!

More museums

So jealous of the museums in New York. I loved the MoMA, and just stepped into the rotunda of the Guggenheim and sat on the steps of the Met, but just being around them is such a satisfying experience.

I swear I am taller than midget height even though it doesn't look it at all!

We are dorks. I know.

Rainy Day in Central Park

Friday was BF/GF day and we decided to spend it there. October couldn’t have kicked off more perfectly – the humidity vanished, the rain came down in a light sprinkle, and the park was virtually empty and simply lovely.


Why didn’t anyone tell me how much I would love Brooklyn?!?! Cobble Hill, the bars, the neighborhood, the shops. Right before we left, we took a stroll to and on Brooklyn Bridge.

That’s all from my trip to New York! I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to see, even though it was SO much fun, so I guess that means I’ll be back someday. Don’t forget to check out Da Fashionista for more NYC goodness during Ad Week!