Have you guys checked out the new Resnick Pavilion at LACMA yet? I was there last weekend during the Art Walk, and I have to say this is probably my favorite part of the museum. LACMA in general is just straight West Coast respresentin’. I was blown away with the museums in New York, but after most recent visit to LACMA, it’s clear that LA’s bringing it in our own way. The artwork there just has so much room to b r e a t h e .

I loved the milky lighting and artfully contemporary but respectful way that the paintings and sculptures were displayed in the Eye for the Sensual exhibition.

Fashioning Fashion was probably the least stuffy fashion exhibition I’ve yet to see in a museum, but the quality and information was not compromised in the least. High marks in the originality and organization department, and it looks like this is the direction that LACMA is moving in. And do I even need to mention how intricately beautiful the garments were?

Both exhibitions just opened up earlier this month, and yes you can take pictures! Or at least we were given permission to at the time.