Meet my twinsy. While I usually flounder and on a rare occasion smolder, she sizzles and sparkles. In life, and on camera. I was hoping some of her photogenic-ness would rub off on me, and I think it did. I’m super happy with the way these photos turned out. My main inspirations for this were the Miss Dior Cherie ads, this Steven Alan dress, and Blair and Serena’s “Beautiful Girls” clip from Gossip Girl.

Thanks to BF and Yvonne for their photographic and photogenic talents. And Downtown Los Angeles as a beautiful backdrop – you look good on camera, always.

Wearing: On me – Steven Alan Cruiser Dress, Joie Veronica Mary Janes, Heart by headband; On Yvonne – Dress from Shareen Vintage, vintage heels, F21 belt and bangle