Two commercials, two websites, one identity system, one show package, and one very big and very secret design project.

Work’s been kicking my ass since the beginning of summer, and I needed a vacation, stat. BF had some Priceline credits that we needed to use before the end of July, so we booked a quick getaway to Vegas last week. Little did I know that August would be my busiest month EVER, but all you can do is sit by the pool and not think about it, right?

Window shopping at Crystals: 1) Marni pieces like at a dry cleaners – but a ‘COOL’ dry cleaners. 2) Miu Miu Bow Satchel: “I waited for you all day and you didn’t come!” (It is PINK too, mofo!!) 3) I really want a hooded coat with toggle clasps this FW – no furry leopard wrist cuffs though. 4) Miu Miu Store. 5) Tom Ford Store. 6) Ooh la la, Lanvin wins Best Window Display award from me. 7) BF admiring shades at Dior. 7) Lanvin for men makes me wish I was a dude.

Pool-siding at New York, New York: 1) Cheap rooms right now, but boo on the $13/day “resort fee”. 2) Haphazardly trying out the side braid and liking it. 2) 11 am and the bar’s not open yet??

Eating. Everywhere: 1) Jean Philippe gelato at Aria. 2) $8.95 lunch Dragon Noodle Co. at Monte Carlo. 3) Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris, one of my faves.

Outdoor time, on the rare occasions it was under 100 degrees: 1) The Louis Vuitton store from the Strip. 2) L.A. sighting in front of the Statue of Liberty at NY, NY. 3) View of Bellagio from Mon Ami Gabi, one reason why I love this restaurant!