A little late to the party with this one. (Pun!) It’s been a couple of years since I closed down my fashion-related blog, so it was cool to be included among the stylish L.A. bloggerati at last week’s Forever 21 party for the Brian Lichtenberg collection. All thanks to Fashion Intel, one of the nicest bloggers I know. Saw real-life friends, met online friends in real life, and made friends with the bartenders at the open bar in between.

It's fashion-related so I can talk about my clothes: Mayle dress with the cutouts, even after carb-o-loading in Vegas; Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan that I snagged on eBay after seeing it on Lea Michele in Glee; Bing Bang Heart Earrings that I wanted since 2007, also from eBay; and Coach Stefanie shoes