I know you don’t have to ask if I’ve watched Eclipse already. The Riley character gets a noteworthy nod from me – it was the first time in a Twilight movie that I went, Oh, someone that is actually believable as a vampire, in a scary, but not cheesy, and kind of hot way. Right on. He was looking sharp in last month’s GQ, and I recognized the iconic, but abstracted, downtown Los Angeles landmarks that Xavier Samuel was photographed in front of:

Department of Water and Power

LAPD Headquarters

The public art piece on Grand at AT&T Building
(Madison Complex Tandem Office)

Not sure about this one. It looks like the Lady of Angels Cathedral. Any guesses? Don’t tell me the answer though! I’m determined to find out for myself. I know I’ve seen this before.

Found it! The Universal Care building on 6th and Bixel (7/26/10)

4 out of 6. Those brick walls are kind of tricky to nail down sometimes. All photos and more Twilight hotness from GQ here. WORK.