I have many people – and things? – to thank for this night.

Ilan Hall and the Gorbals, for hooking it up with his delicious bacon-wrapped balls.
I’m talking about the matzo balls. Don’t get nasty with me.

Didn’t try the balls myself – my boyfriend was there – but heard good things from the girls.
I was limited to the veggie & fish dishes. Don’t feel sad for me though. They were amazing.

The Falls for their awesome bulb-y bathroom area.

Whoever made this mural on Spring St.

Zara for making the best Miu Miu knockoff kitty cat print dress.
This is my first time wearing this dress out, even though I copped it in April before everyone and their momma bought it.

Monthly dinner dates with these gals and guys, plus or minus a few.
(Do you love how my friend is matchy-matchy with Ilan and their glasses? Coincidence, sure!)

Highly recommend the Gorbals.