This is a picture of Ray Harryhausen speaking at my college, when I was still just a wide-eyed art school kid in the Bay Area. (Okay, tired-eyed. That school kicked my ass. Because I actually worked my ass off.) Ray Harryhausen, THE father of stop-motion animation. As in, he’s legendary.

Of course, being that we were surrounded by a bunch of LA-hating Nor Cal’ers, I never found out, until after reading this article, that he is a native Angeleno. Fuckers.

In the article, they discuss how he was friends with another famous L.A. Ray – Ray Bradbury – since they were kids. “We said: ‘We’re going to grow old but never grow up’,” Bradbury said. “’We’re going to stay 18 years old and we’re going to love dinosaurs forever.’”

The meeting place of that pivotal conversation was none other than Clifton’s Cafeteria on Broadway. It smells like a nursing home, and the food is damn near inedible, but this place is as famous as the two Angelenos who once gathered here to dream big things.