Stationery booth of Rock Scissor Paper

Lots of walking for me this weekend: to and from Unique LA on Saturday, which is basically across town, and then walking the whole 13th floor of the California Mart to browse the 200+ vendors on both days.

Though Unique LA’s been around for a couple of shows now, this is my first time attending and I have to say I’m impressed. I’ve been to similar indie fairs in the Bay Area – I frequented Feria Urbana in my college days – and then found Fashion Co-Op when I moved back down to LA. Unique LA’s probably the most well-produced event I’ve gone to yet. That sounds super LA, but that’s where we are bitches!! Really proud to see what Angeleno talent has to offer.

Some of my favorite local vendors and highlights from the fair:

LA-centric prints from 33stewartavenue

Beautiful display of the jewelry at Dust

Highdy plushes and all the girls standing in the line for the free drinks

Anthropologie fans will recognize Eva Franco's dresses. I'm particularly a fan of her striped pieces, like this dress. Her Aniseed skirt was marked down about 50% from the retail price of $128. (No small sizes though!)

Killer panoramic views of the city...

...and beyond.

Friends at Les Merceaux and their beautiful jewelry

Friends and their beautiful jewelry at Les Morceaux

Kevin Tong's illustrations and band posters. Jimmy Eat World is one of BF's favorite bands - this was the show we attended for his birthday last year. Ain't it gorgeous?

The stripe skirt with the rope belt was calling my name. From Lavuk.

Two Rabbits posters