April is BF’s and my anniversary, so when we found out Muse, one of our favorite bands, was playing last weekend in Vegas, we made a weekend of it. Did you know that BF made all the laser-ific-ness that is on their Knights of Cydonia video? I’ve loved them since my college years in the Bay Area – their Absolution album featured prominently on the PCH drive from LA to SF back in ’04 – but this was my first time seeing them play!

We arrived late to the concert and missed at least 3 songs, but it was a blessing in disguise as we got to sit at the mini-balcony for the handicapped. No obstructions for this shortie. And I didn’t miss my favorite songs anyway. Mandalay Bay is an awesome venue, btw – amazing sound, intimate feel with good seats all around, even though it’s a huge space.

On the drive back to LA, BF spotted this abandoned gas station in Yermo. Yes, I did wear my starry silver Chie Miharas for the Muse show. Hello, Starlight.