After missing out on the Gram & Papa’s LudoBites, I finally got a hot ticket to last week’s LudoBites pop-up at Akasha in Culver City. Chef Ludo was in the flesh, getting pix-y with us, and tweeting to the Top Chef episode he was recently in.

The fried chicken? Everything you dreamed of, and more.

I didn't eat the whole day for this buffet.

Everyone's wearing parkas because it's rainy/windy/gross right now! In April! In LA!

BF getting experiment-y with the camera. Spot Chef Ludo?

Methinks Chef Ludo noticed our stalker-azzi-ish shots of him and came over to take a picture with the poor Asian couple all by their lonesome in the corner.

Akasha diners looking happy and full of fried chicken.

My favorite Top Chef Ludo-tweet of the evening: