Jacob and Edward at Nordstrom in Seattle - you can see how I chickened out of a photo op with the two of them, giggling like an idiot schoolgirl on the left

Don’t laugh.

I watched the midnight showing of New Moon at L.A. Live‘s new Regal Theatre on Thursday alongside a bunch of college girls*. (Though to my credit they still think I’m one of them.) The Regal is three floors of HUGE, but disappointingly boring to look at.

Now really, don’t laugh. On Friday, I went back to watch it again.

I love the cinematic interpretation of the book – Edward sparkles perfectly, the passing months scene was so heartbreakingly well-executed, and the emails were a great narrative device.


To celebrate in a sartorial fashion what I’ve been waiting months for (NM was my favorite book), I wore a very Alice-esque outfit to the theater – Anthropologie’s Polaire Vest, one of my birthday presents to myself, resembles the checkered blouse she wears in her last scene in the movie, plus Zara leggings and BCBGirls booties. On Thursday I put on my cobalt blue J Crew Velvet Ecole blazer, a ruffled F21 shirt and black jeans, and Dolce Vita mary janes – guess which team I was rooting for?


Love you Alice. Be my sister toooooo (Images from I Felt Hope)

*You heard right, no Twilight moms and their strollers present at this theater! At least not after midnight…