Downtown Artwalking, October 2009

In case you were dying to read more of my online ramblings, then I really hope you like pink. My other blog is possibly more girly and foufy than you could have ever imagined me capable of being, but it’s me. I started it a few years ago when I was working in an office that was 99.5% male (yeah, still am) and couldn’t afford much (still can’t) – it was my outlet for indulging in girly and frilly shit. And it was also a challenge to find things that were pink but that weren’t total crap, whorish, and/or completely insulting to women. I got back into it again – it got me a paid blogging job after all, and I’ve met a variety of talented creatives through it, both around the US and abroad. One of my fave lingerie designers, The Lake & Stars, even gave it a mention on their tumblr last month.

And please spare me the crass questions on the name – I’ve had the domain since 2001, I think I have an idea of what else bears a similar moniker.