In the words of my boyfriend: “That girl is a fucking badass”



Excuse the terrible iPhone photos from about a mile away, but I had to commemorate seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for the first time last night at the Greek Theatre. That show killllled. Karen O is fucking crazy live, and her voice is ridiculous. No studio production is touching that. Even when she’s just talking, it’s all bell chimes. (Yeah, I stole that phrase from Twilight. Don’t hate.)

She wore that amazing studded jacket from the “Zero” video in addition to the headdress and jumpsuit. Even though the stud trend is metallic, shiny,┬áloud, and statement-making (basically everything I like), it never called my name. But this jacket…. go big or go home, I always say.

koImage from l3xiib3ar

Karen O, they don’t love you like I love you.