Did you stop by the Gap for the Alexander Wang / Vena Cava collab pieces already?


Vena Cava is one of my favorite designers, and the gals behind the line are originally from the Los Angeles area. They seem to approach designing their line like true craftsmen, borrowing from any and all sources, their thought processes detailed in the mood boards like this one that they feature on their site. (See more of what goes on behind the scenes at their blog.)


I had my eye on the zippered Vena Cava dress upon first hearing about this collection. Their signature design elements translated well into a khaki dress. Usually, I’m like, khaki = gross, but this khaki comes in a more saturated, more modern shade. The actual pieces are also well-tailored and the cotton is substantial and thick, making the price point ($88 for the dresses) seem right on the mark.

Unfortunately the dress wasn’t too flattering on me. The pocket placements pooched out at the tummy, and something about the placement of all the elements competed with my shape.

The other printed Vena Cava dress was much more flattering on me. It’s a great dress for work, but since it’s very casual at my studio, I plan on wearing it to a presentation I will be doing in San Francisco next month for an ad agency.

The Alexander Wang pieces weren’t really my style. Though I’ve been after a moto jacket like this one, I wasn’t too crazy about this version – I liked the cropped length, and the 3/4 sleeves, but it was boxy in the torso for me. It might have been also due to a too-big size, but there were no XS to be seen.

I however liked the pleated shorts – too cute!

I also spotted a pixie-faced, Audrey Tatou-ish actress there, but I couldn’t at all remember her name or what TV show I recognized her on. After some sleuthing on Google, I identified her as Nora Zehetner, whom I used to watch on some teeny CW show called Everwood back when.