Industrial District, Downtown LA, November 2007

BF and I opened our own little design studio in 2007, in a warehouse in a not-so-nice area of the Industrial District, where drugs were dealt right outside our door and cars would get broken into in broad daylight. We were barely in our mid-twenties, not making much money (still not), not really sure of what we getting into. Sounds terrible, but I loved it for sure. It was raw, it was gritty, it was old, it was ugly. It was beautiful.

Every day on the way to work, with our dog in the backseat, we passed by this sign. It went from white to orange, and was lovingly maintained for almost a year, but eventually deteriorated into nothing. I’m glad we were able to immortalize its presence in photographs. Thanks to Yvonne Wong for capturing it, and us, so beautifully.