The Pool Trade Show was my singular sample sale of choice over the weekend. The good: One of the first in line with only an hour and a half wait; mild sunny weather; racks and racks of Mike & Chris clothing.


The bad: Racks and racks of seasons old Mike & Chris clothing that have not sold for the past five sample sales, still marked at the same high prices (some even higher??);

The ugly: Setting sight on terrible hipster fashion. If you wanted to see fanny packs, biker shorts, and diaper bottoms, this was the place to be.


Special mention: To Anzevino & Florence for giving me the sudden urge to twirl foolishly around in the dressing room wearing theirĀ Ice Cream dress. It looked just as fabulous and ridiculous as you can imagine.


Since the Mike & Chris selection was sub-par, I only walked away with the Ashton top for $35 that I found in the dressing room discard pile, though I’m still contemplating if it’s a keeper or not. It looks like I have gorilla arms!